Prep Camp

6-week Development Camp

If you're U15 (Bantam), U18 (Midget), or U21 (junior) this season has been frustrating for you, particularly in getting you exposure for junior teams and even NCAA schools. By attending this 5-day a week program over 6 continuous weeks in July and August you will see how improving your play along with isolating and overcoming your weaknesses go hand in hand with creating exposure for yourself.

How is this camp different?

In line with many other successful elite-level programs we have adopted a continuous development model for our on-ice training. What does this mean? Essentially, of our summer on-ice programs have been rolled into one continuous program that builds and develops your whole game, not just pieces.

How do we help you get better? What do we do for you?

Nobody offers you a program like this. This is a serious development program for serious players only. Camp has been set up for you by doing the following:

  • Capping attendance at 20 players and 2 goalies. This allows for continuous coaching and enables us to work with you on YOUR specific areas of development to ensure your success for next season.
  • Implementing an on-ice video capture program which allows for instant feedback and making real-time corrections.
  • Playing intra-squad games in the latter part of camp which will be filmed and sent to teams along with player rosters. With the season cut very short this year, exposure to other coaches, teams, scouts, and leagues is vital.
  • Posting our team rosters on Rinknet scouting software which easily gives all the junior leagues and scouts the opportunity and accessibility to notice you.
  • As always, your name will be on the back of your practice jersey allowing for instant recognition for on-ice team personnel and those in the stands evaluating players. During intra-squad games, your number will be displayed on the front and back of your jersey and correspond with your name on the roster.

We have invited coaches, scouts, and development experts from the NCAA D1, WHL, NAHL, and U of A. For some, attendance will be contingent on the border being open, which is why our intra-squad video could be vitally important to your exposure.

We’ve also invited midget AAA coaches along with every WHL and junior A team to attend on-ice or evaluate off ice.

How will camp run?

The camp will be broken down into 4 phases as follows:

Phase 1: Shooting Release and Edges

These two skills go hand in hand. Creating weight shift balance transfer and hip drive will increase shot velocity and balance in your skating.

Phase 2: Precision Skating

This is our version of creating a perfect stride for you. Our process matches your body type and the stride that can increase your speed and power output. We look at shin angle and knee bend as well as ankle flex with hip drive. We focus a great deal on arm movement for creating agility and shooting opportunities. This custom skating program is designed for your game situations and how you play. We are the only development program that does that for our players - we have seen it work well in demonstrably improving so many of our player’s strides.

Phase 3: Overspeed Crossovers with Offensive Creativity

We work on creating a width crossover to generate more power and combine that with overspeed drills to get your CNS (central nervous system) to compute your movements faster.  This allows you to create game like situations at accelerating speeds throughout camp which lead to more offensive chances.

Phase 4: Game Play

We play intra-squad games allowing coaches and scouts to see you live or on video; it gets your game play in front of those teams. We also work with forwards and defensemen separately to give each a true understanding of what coaches and general managers are positionally looking for in a controlled game situation; information that is essential for the upcoming season. In football they call it a walkthrough - it is a method of teaching that instantly brings up player confidence by helping you understand, in every situation, what your options are to make a play.

Each phase of this program will challenge you, but it will also give you greater confidence in your game. Our approach will give you the best opportunity to play and thrive at the n

ext level. A lot will be demanded of you during these 6 weeks, by responding strongly to meet the challenge, you will become an even better player.


$500 Desposit is Required to Reserve Your Spot.


What happens if COVID-19 prevents us from getting on the ice?

Should COVID-19 restrictions prevent camp from proceeding, registration will be fully refunded. If any COVID-19 restrictions in place prevent intra-squad games from proceeding, we will augment that portion of our program accordingly. All other refund policies remain in place.