U15 - Bantam

These are intense camps designed for U15 / Bantam and for the scouts that will come see you play. At its core, the basics are the same, but the intensity and expectations are much higher. It's reflected in the way we instruct, the quality of instructors, and in the success of our camp alumni. Camp is designed to get scouts and coaches to notice you as an elite-level player. Primary focus by postion:


  • Increase speed in the neutral zone
  • Moving feet as soon as they get the puck
  • Edge control and driving the net
  • Quick shot release in high scoring areas


  • NHL footwork drills focusing on edgework and increasing stride power
  • Puck tracking
  • Angling
  • Rushing the puck
  • Shootin from the point

Key areas of focus for all players:

  • Proper positional play
  • Proper hitting techniques to both protect self and create puck separation
  • Using the ice to be creative
  • Shooting from high percentage areas
  • Small area games to increase player reaction time and quick thinking
  • Angling and footwork
  • Proper breakout techniques

*Multi-camp discounts apply to all summer programs

There are currently no camps available.