Remote Personal Training

A large part of player development consists of off-ice training. At The Inside Edge, we combine state of the art equipment with our experience and knowledge to help you get ahead.

We are one of the only organizations to provide players with tailor-made programs that include strength training, resume building, scouting analysis and follow-up, and injury recovery and prevention. Our programs are specifically designed to help our players improve based on their long term goals, age, body type, and style of play.

Covid-19 Update

As the world finds itself in unprecidented times, and recommendations for social distancing persist this can make tranditional training routines a little more challenging. We, along with our competitors continually strive to adapt. Some atheletes may choose to see an excuse to lighten up their training. True competitors will see this as an opportunity to be more prepared than the next person.

Our effort to adapt has seen us move to an online platform that will allow us to remain in constant contact with our atheletes, and continue monitoring and augmenting their training routines during these times of social distancing.

For those of you that have already made changes, you can login to our remote personal training portal.

If you have questions about how you can sign up for remote personal training, please contact us.


Remote Personal Training Portal Login